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How do you measure grief when a loved one has died away from home? We understand how difficult it is for those waiting for the dead body to be returned. We ship bodies from anywhere in the United States quickly and inexpensively. We have our trusted network of agents in every state waiting to assist us in human body repatriation.

We have been called upon to work directly for the Consulate General of India and staff. You may have been referred to us by one of the Indian organizations or insurance companies who hire us direct. Funeral homes throughout the U.S. hire us to ship bodies to India for them because they know we are cheaper, faster and more efficient in returning bodies than anyone else they are aware of.

  • One call to us and we do it all regardless of where the death occurred.
  • We generate and clear all necessary papers, secure the body release and preparation, handle all the logistics of transport of the body in the U.S. and direct to the final destination city in India.
  • We hire and direct our agent at the location where the death occurred and we arrange visiting for friends and the community there if you wish.
  • We clear all papers through the Consulate.
  • We are paid directly by the insurance companies if you have insurance for body repatriation.



Shipping a body to India may be much less expensive and quicker than you thought. Call us for a price quote and time estimate before you hire anyone!

We proudly subscribe to the Hindu Funerals of America® “Code of Ethics”. What others have said:

“Your expertise made it so much easier for me as a funeral director.” – Funeral Director, North Carolina

“My father was sent to India without any hassle or delay, on-time, and exactly as I saw him.” – Lavanya

Call us direct at (732) 600-3043 regardless of where you are and where the dead body is. We answer 24/7 personally, no answering service. Greg, Dawn, Marla, Alex or Chris will answer. If you need ceremonies and cremation for a death in New Jersey / NY Metropolitan area call us or our sister funeral home, The Hindu Funeral Home at (732) 513-3416. To visit The Hindu Funeral Home website, click here.

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